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Easy to follow teaching tracks that lead your students to new goals each year.

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Basics Track

Lessons for primary school aged children who are starting out with English and ready to learn but not yet interested in sitting formal examinations.

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Cambridge Track

Lessons for students of all ages who have already covered the basics and would like to obtain certification through Cambridge English Examinations.

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CLIL Track

Exciting and creative projects in a range of areas (including science, maths, filmmaking, music and design) with detailed lesson plans for all ages.

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Adult Track

Real world simulations and projects to engage students who are ready to put their hard work to use for: travel, work, creative projects, networking and tertiary study.  



Lesson Packs Library

Enjoy our bundles of themed lesson material to help you teach English with fresh ideas

Phrasal Verbs

High School

Everything you need to teach engaging ESL lessons on Phrasal Verbs.

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Comparatives and Superlatives

Primary School

Everything you need to teach exciting ESL lessons on Comparative and Superlative adjectives.

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Fairy Tales

Primary School

Everything you need for a Fairy Tale themed summer camp: whimsical activities, chants, songs, worksheets posters and crafts. Detailed plan included!

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‘Too’ and ‘Enough’

Intermediate School

‘Too’ and ‘enough’ are adverbs that tell us about an amount of something. Detailed plan included!

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Primary School

Comparatives are adjectives that are used to show a change or to make a comparison. Detailed plan included!

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Prepositions of Time

Intermediate School

Prepositions give us more information about the location, time and movement of things.

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