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Mica Management, coming soon

A custom designed management system made specially for language schools.

Smart Storage

We've designed a system that is logical and intuitive, specifically for how language schools work. Store student results, previous levels studied and current year lesson plans completed. Easily see which groups of students studied together and which special projects they completed. This allows you to give each student special treatment and attention.


Communicate with ease

Logical and easy to use templates and reports are available at a click of a button. Efficiently run your school and communicate schedules, adjustments, payments due, homework assignments, upcoming tests and results. Easily bundle communications to relevant groups.

Keep track of your students

Our customised database allows for connections between students: parent - child relationships are stored as well as group histories. Make the best choice for lesson groups and summer camps to ensure students enjoy learning with peers at the same level and maturity, with similar learning histories.


Record all tests and assignments

Record test results and practice exams easily and quickly. Use this data for quick analysis of methods, teacher performance and to communicate result-dependent advice with a click of a button. Make sure your school performs well so as to grow its reputation.

Mobile friendly for students

Modern systems and interfaces to make our tools easy and attractive to use both for teachers and students. Easy and intuitive tools designed by teachers with thousands of hours of experience working with students of all ages and levels.


Improve planning for class time

Mica Management allows you to run your school smoothly with automation that keeps the student experience as the main priority. It frees up your time and your teachers' time, to focus on what matters most: delivering inspired and fun lessons in the classroom or online!