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English for Adult Learners

Engaging activities based on real world interactions to help adults fine tune their English and gain confidence

Features of the Adult Track

Worksheets and roleplay activities

Business English resources

Guides for CVs, emails, presentations

Frequently updated materials

Track features

Work, travel, connect and create

Helping adults reach their potential and gain the confidence to put their English skills to use in the real world.

Support growth and motivation.

This track is made up of lots of engaging activities based on real world interactions with plenty of stimulating conversation topics and fun themes to discuss. For professionals there are practical exercises for preparing presentations, improving CVs, responding to or composing professional emails and helpful tips for international conferences. These materials will help adults who want to be more confident at putting their English language skills to use and maintain their level. They’re designed to be used with individual learners or in a group setting, and can be done in person or online. 

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Laptop and email client

Unlock new ideas

Our resources encourage collaboration and the development of new ideas and  projects. Expressing yourself well in English can be a vital part of connecting with the right people for your project.

Practice makes perfect

With a consistent dedication to using and improving their English skills, adult learners can fine tune their English and excel. We've prepared plenty of exercises for regular lessons and conversations.

Business English

Help business professionals tidy up their CV, prepare for an important conference or presentation and practice email and phone etiquette. Give them the skills they need to interact and impress.

OUR features

Take a Look

Help your adult students find new confidence in expressing themselves in English.

track features

Everything you need

We have everything you need, ready to go. Modern ideas, plans and worksheets at your fingertips.

Themed Discussion Points

Most adult students want to put their years of studying to use and practice their speaking skills. We have built up a database of stimulating conversation topics.

Unlock new language skills

Many adult learners already know the rules but struggle to speak fluently. We've designed activities to help them overcome the fear of making mistakes.

Professional English

We've made worksheets and useful guides for a range of professional scenarios and industries to help your students prepare for an international workplace.

Make connections

Learning English can help your students connect with people from all over the world. We have special projects designed to share information from other cultures.

Roadmap Guide

Track your Progress

Never lose track of where your students are and what is next in their progress