CLIL Tracks

Creative CLIL Courses

A range of dynamic and innovative CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) courses.

Features of the CLIL Track

Primary, Intermediate and High School

Maths, Science, Music, Physics, Film and more

Detailed teacher guides

Attractive, easy to use layout

Track features

The right balance

Lessons in a range of curriculum subjects that are carefully designed for ESL learners.

This is where we really shine.

These tracks consist of lessons in science, physics, maths, technology, art, music and drama created to be taught in English to non English speakers. We’ve prepared the lessons with a balance between the content and the language objectives and have found our students really respond well to this approach. It helps them to develop critical thinking skills while expressing their ideas in English with hands on and fun projects in a range of subjects.

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Summer Programmes

Unlock their creativity

It is so rewarding to see how naturally and enthusiastically students learn to express themselves when they are motivated to share ideas as part of a creative collaboration.

Get moving and speaking

Learning English through physical education is fun and it works! There's no better way to learn about verbs, prepositions, body parts and more than by connecting them to real movement.

Science and technology

Prepare your students to contribute to the science and technology international community. Help them to follow and explain common scientific concepts and other technical jargon.

OUR features

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Our resources provide teachers with the fresh and modern content they need to teach great lessons.

track features

Our Favourites

Our CLIL track includes detailed projects for a wide variety of subjects. Check our some of our top performers...

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English Theatre Workshop

We love producing original stage performances, mostly with primary school aged students. Willy Wonka, Star Wars, Romeo and Juliet and many more. Learning English through drama is rewarding and memorable.

Physical Education Workshop

We've created workshops that allow us to share our New Zealand culture with our students, having fun learning Rugby and Netball skills. We've also collaborated with teachers from around the world to develop and share their games too.
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Short Film Workshop

Our most popular workshop amongst students. A great activity especially for teenagers. There's something for everyone: writing, acting, directing, cinematography, set and costume design, camera work and more.

Music Production Workshop

We find this works best with teenagers and young adults. It's a great way to reflect and express opinions and emotions. Guide them to write song lyrics and sing! They'll love the learning technical skills to produce orginal music and unlock new talents.

Roadmap Guide

Track your Progress

Never lose track of where your students are and what is next in their progress