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High School - 13 Present Perfect 4

Explain that we use the present perfect to describe an action that happened (or started) in the past and still has relevance now, in the present. The example on this worksheet tries to emphasise this connection between the past and the present. Go over several examples and help your students write out the structure. Tell them that we don't use specific time expressions (such as yesterday, last week, in 2023 etc.) with the present perfect tense as we don't know or we don't care when the action happened, only if it happened.

Each sentence on the worksheet gives some information about something that happened in the past. Help your students discuss and figure out what must have happened and then form a complete sentence describing it, using the present perfect tense. Check the answers together by reading them out loud.

Example Worksheet Image
Example Worksheet Image

Verb Flashcards

Introduce your students to the world of verbs with our set of 80 easy-to-use verb cards. Perfect for teachers, these cards showcase everyday actions like "walk," "eat," "ski," and more, making them an ideal tool for classroom activities. The clear, simple visuals aid in comprehension and retention, suitable for learners of various levels. These cards are great for interactive games, sentence building exercises, and reinforcing verb tenses in a lively, engaging manner. Whether you're leading a classroom or guiding small groups, these cards are a practical and enjoyable resource to enhance your teaching toolkit and spark enthusiasm in your English language lessons.

Present Perfect 1

This slideshow is a fun quiz game for ESL teachers to help students practice the present perfect tense. Students must "Name Someone" who fits different cool criteria, like walking on the moon or winning a World Cup. It's a great way to make grammar practice interactive and enjoyable!

Example Worksheet Image

10mins - Introduction: Q&A: Students must write 5 questions, asking 'Have you ever...?' Students will interview their classmates, record the answers, and present their findings to the class.

05mins - Review the online homework. What topics were discussed? Was the homework easy, medium or difficult? Answer any questions the students may have.

05mins - Review: Present Perfect - We use the present perfect to discuss an action that has been completed in the past but is still relevant now. Ex: I have been to Paris. When we use the present perfect, we do not mention the specific time something occurred, however, we do use time indicators for emphasis such as: since, for, already, yet, still, never, ever, before. The present perfect can also be used to discuss an event that happened in the past, continues to the present, and may continue into the future. Ex: I have lived in Athens for two years.

10mins - Activity: You and a friend are planning a party. Write a list of all the things you have and haven't done to prepare for the party. Ex: I have bought all the balloons. I haven't sent the invitations.

10mins - Worksheet: 15 present perfect

15mins - Practice Test: 15 writing practice - part 1

05mins - Warm down: what will you do this weekend?

00mins - Homework: Complete the next section of the online homework.

15 Key Writing Part 1

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Present Perfect

Lessons and quizzes on forming and using the present perfect tense.

Example Worksheet Image

Verbs Overview

Handy reference card that can be reconstructed together with students as an anchor chart. It could also be printed and displayed as a poster in class, laminated and used as reference card or even handed out to students to take home. We've provided an overview of the main verb tenses in English with visual aids to illustrate them on a time line.