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Mica Resources

Complete programmes for teachers to follow with their students of all levels.


Attractive worksheets for each school year level from preschool to high school, and adult learners. Detailed teacher guides. Cambridge exam resources for all levels.

Creative projects

Innovative and exciting creative projects to liven up learning. CLIL based learning and creative workshops. Student tested and loved!

Build lesson plans

Build and customise lesson plans and make use of an extensive library of activities and resources, or use the complete set of detailed lesson plans for every level.

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Building Blocks

Mica eLearning

Interactive quizzes for all levels (pre A1 - C2) with detailed guides, exam tips and support materials.

The whole package

Our interactive quizzes are each supported by detailed guides with exam tips, study advice, focused language points, useful links and tutorial videos.

Multimedia resources

Videos, audio tracks and themed slideshows that elaborate common lesson topics in an engaging way. Built for all learning styles and made to be fresh and fun!

Cambridge preparation

Worksheets, advice, interactive exercises, practice tests and sample responses for students preparing for Cambridge English examinations from pre A1 up to C2.

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Mica Management

Customised system to help you run your language school smoothly and efficiently.

Save time

Keep on top of all the essential tasks to run your school or department well and be able to expand without losing that personal touch for each student.

Communicate with ease

Our smart system allows you to keep all students up to date with scheduling, progress, results and payments with just a click of a button.

Quality and creativity

Impress your students with the range of projects your school can provide: lessons, exam preparation, creative projects, CLIL courses, summer camps and more!

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