A2 Flyers Booklet

Language exercises at A2 Flyers level

This comprehensive workbook is an ideal supplement for students progressing through the Cambridge Flyers course, spanning 60 pages filled with stimulating and educational worksheets. The Flyers level represents the pinnacle of the young learners' series, and this workbook is crafted to reflect that, offering more advanced and diverse learning activities to challenge and excite the students.

Key elements taught at the Flyers level include a broader and slightly more sophisticated range of vocabulary, the ability to engage with more complex sentence structures, and the introduction to different verb tenses, such as the present perfect, to express experiences. There is a stronger emphasis on reading comprehension through longer passages, developing the students' ability to infer meaning and understand detailed narratives.

The workbook provides numerous opportunities for students to practice extended writing and to participate in conversations on a wider array of topics, ensuring they can express opinions and ideas with confidence. Interactive exercises such as role-plays, storytelling with prompts, and structured debates are included to refine both spoken and written command of the language.

Children will delve into exercises that promote critical thinking, like problem-solving in real-life situations, which prepares them not only for the Cambridge Flyers test but also for using English in everyday scenarios. This workbook is a treasure trove of resources that aims to take young learners' English abilities to new heights, ensuring they are ready to fly into the next phase of their language learning adventure.

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Our workbooks are professionally printed by Pixart Printing, using their superior Stapled Binding method. This ensures durable and user-friendly books, ideal for everyday classroom use and study sessions. With high-quality printing, each page presents clear, vibrant content, perfect for engaging learners at every level.

Measures: 21 cm x 29.7 cm (A4)

Pages: 60 sides including cover

Cover Weight: 300 gsm

Paper Weight: 170 gsm

Material: Classic Demimatt - Matt coated

Binding: Stapled


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