C1 Advanced booklet

Language exercises at C1 Advanced level

This comprehensive workbook is thoughtfully crafted to prepare students for the challenges of the C1 Advanced (CAE) exam, encompassing a rich collection of tasks and exercises spread across its pages to thoroughly develop high-level English skills.

At the C1 level, students are expected to have a sophisticated grasp of English, and this workbook delivers just that. It introduces complex grammar structures such as inversion, cleft sentences, and advanced modal usage, ensuring that learners can express subtlety and complexity in their language use.

The vocabulary exercises push students to acquire a broad and nuanced lexicon, covering abstract concepts, idiomatic expressions, and collocations, crucial for articulating well-formed arguments and opinions.

Reading sections present challenging texts from a wide range of sources, including contemporary and classical literature, academic journals, and media articles, aiming to fine-tune students' inferential reading skills and comprehension of implicit meanings.

Listening activities incorporate a diverse set of audio materials reflecting real-life situations and academic lectures, which are essential for developing keen listening skills and the ability to distill and analyse information effectively.

Writing tasks are designed to elevate students' proficiency to a formal and academic standard, suitable for essays, proposals, reports, and reviews, with a focus on organisation, register, and style. Speaking exercises emphasise spontaneous and articulate expression, incorporating individual long turns, collaborative tasks, and discussions that simulate parts of the speaking test.

This workbook not only gears students up for the C1 Advanced exam with confidence but also equips them with the language skills necessary for success in higher education and professional environments.

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Our workbooks are professionally printed by Pixart Printing, using their superior Stapled Binding method. This ensures durable and user-friendly books, ideal for everyday classroom use and study sessions. With high-quality printing, each page presents clear, vibrant content, perfect for engaging learners at every level.

Measures: 21 cm x 29.7 cm (A4)

Pages: 60 sides including cover

Cover Weight: 300 gsm

Paper Weight: 170 gsm

Material: Classic Demimatt - Matt coated

Binding: Stapled


Our workbooks are shipped directly by Pixart Printing, ensuring fast and reliable delivery. Each order is carefully packaged to protect the books during transit, so they arrive in perfect condition. With Pixart Printing's efficient shipping service, you can expect your educational materials promptly, ready for use in your learning environment.

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