Our New Books

Our Brand New Books for Young Learners

We have been busy creating some exciting new books to share. While helping students prepare for their Cambridge Young Learner exams, we realised storytelling is a powerful way to get them familiar with target vocabulary and useful phrases.

In book one we will join the four Creative English Monsters on their very first adventures as they arrive on Earth and start school.

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Reading stories in English is a great way to learn. However we know learning should be fun. Memorising wordlists without emotional context and memorable application can really only lead to short term retention. That's why creative stories are so great!

As teachers we understand that each child has a different personality and approach to learning. The little Monsters are similar - sometimes they get things wrong, sometimes they are brave and sometimes they are confused.

As we join them on their journey we will celebrate the good things that can happen when you understand another culture and speak anther language.

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