Mother's Day Thoughts

Our Mothers

We've been thinking about the connection between mothers and teachers. After all, in most cases mothers are the first teachers. Many of the things that make great mothers are also the same things that make teachers successful.

Here's three factors we consider are important:


Teaching isn't just about 'adding value' or information to a child. It is about caring about their development and well being. Do they feel like trying new things? Are they relaxed and ready to learn? Is something holding them back?


Every mother wants their child to succeed, to have a happy and rewarding life. Teachers work hard to help their students take bigger steps, lock in ideas and build on their achievements. As their students make progress the teacher becomes more ambitious for them.


Any mother with more than one child will confirm that what works for one does not necessarily work for another! Taking those first steps or learning to ride a bike may happen at different times. Great teachers know this and use their skills to come up with different lesson plans to engage their students in a way that helps them make progress as individuals.

Happy Mothers Day everyone.