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B1 Preliminary for Schools Evaluation

Reading Evaluation

For each question, select the correct answer.

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For each question, select the correct answer.

Steve Dalway’s Cycle Ride

Steve Dalway has recently completed an amazing bike ride between the US cities of Los Angeles and Boston, a distance of nearly 5,500 km. He and ten other cyclists took part in a trip organised by a company that provided a mechanic, planned the accommodation and route, and carried the cyclists’ bags. (4) ............ Even with these, the ride involved a huge amount of effort.

Steve had already completed another long cycle ride in Europe. (5) ............ For Example, he knew that on any ride, eating properly is important. When you don’t eat enough, your ability to recover after hard exercise is reduced. For this reason, he always made sure he had a large breakfast before setting off every morning. (6) ............ The sight of the hotel at the end of the day was still very welcome, however!

One of the toughest times for the riders in the US was when the route climbed high into the Rocky Mountains. By the end of that part of the ride, Steve had climbed and amazing 28,000 m in total.

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For each question, select the correct answer.


People all over the world enjoy eating honey. But how much do you know about this (7) ............ food? Most honey is made by bees, but what few people realise is that there are several types of bee which make honey.

Bees may have to visit about two million flowers to produce only half a kilo of honey. The type of flower the bees visit (8) ............ both how the honey tastes and its colour. In fact, there are (9) ............ more than three hundred kinds of honey.

Writing Evaluation

Write your answer in about 50 words

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Board Games

Do you and your friends/family enjoy playing board games?
What are the good and bad things about board games?
The most interesting articles will answering these questions will appear in our magazine.

Write you article.

Listening Evaluation

Read the question. Listen and select the correct answer.

Listen and write the correct answer in the box.

Bristol Music Centre

Speaking Evaluation

Your teacher wants his class to learn more about space. Can you talk about the different ways to learn about space, and say which students would find most interesting. Try talking for 2 to 3 mins to someone.

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•  Would you like to have more school trips? (Where would you like to go?)
•  What do you need to take when you go on a trip?
•  Do you prefer to go on trips with your friends or your family? (Why?)
•  What do you think is the best time of year to visit a city? (Why?)
•  Which do you think is more interesting: visiting the countryside or visiting a city? (Why?)

Complete all four parts (20 questions) before submitting.
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