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A2 Key for Schools Evaluation

Reading Evaluation

For each question, select the correct answer.

Flyers reading image for questions 1, 2 and 3

For each question, select the correct answer.

A Family of Dancers

The women in the Watson family are all crazy about ballet. These days, Alice Watson gives ballet lessons, but for many years, she was a dancer with the National Ballet Company. Her mother, Hannah, also had a full-time job there, making costumes for the dancers.

Alice’s daughter Demi started learning ballet as soon as she could walk. ‘I never taught her,’ says Alice, ‘because she never let me.’ Now aged sixteen, Demi is a member of the ballet company where her mother was the star dancer for many years.

Alice’s husband, Jack, is an electrician. They met while he was working at a theatre where she was dancing and got married soon after. ‘When Demi started dancing, the house was too small for her and Alice to practise in so I made the garage into a dance studio. Now the living room is nice and quiet when I’m watching television!’ he says.

Flyers reading image for questions 4, 5 and 6

For each question, select the correct answer.

William Perkin

William Perkin was born in London in 1838. As a child he had many hobbies, including model making and photography. But it was the subject of chemistry that really interested him. At the age of 15, he went to college to study it.

While he was there, he was (7) ............ to make a medicine from coal. This didn’t go well, but when he was working on the problem, he found a cheap (8) ............ to make the colour purple. At that
(9) ............ it was very expensive to make clothes in different colours.

Writing Evaluation

Look at the three pictures. Write the story shown in the pictures.
Write 35 words or more.

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Listening Evaluation

Read the questions. Listen and select the correct answer.

Listen write the correct answer in the box.

Speaking Evaluation

Do you like these different sports? Say why or why not. Try talking for 1 min to someone.

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Phase 2

Do you think....
...playing rugby is dangerous?
...swimming is healthy?
...skiing is expensive?
...playing tennis is difficult?
...skateboarding is easy?

Complete all four parts (20 questions) before submitting.
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