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C1 Advanced Level Evaluation

Reading Evaluation

Read the text below and select which answer A, B, C or D best fits each gap.

How to have perfect posture

Bad posture normally starts in our teenage years when we slouch around with our trying to look cool. But hands up those who whittle away their days sitting in front of a computer where it's (1) ............ too easy to neglect something as essential as good posture?

As we grow older these poor (2) ............ are exacerbated, but by taking action immediately we can not only look and feel better but protect our body for the future. Make sure you sleep on a firm mattress at night. (3) ............ lying flat on your back; instead try sleeping in a curled position on your side.

Advanced reading image for questions 1, 2 and 3

Read the text below. Use the word given in capitals to form a word that fits in the gap.

21st Century Workplace

The economy of the 21st century is based on skills and knowledge according to a recent report. The study shows that throughout this century there will be more jobs for those with the right qualifications and the right skills, and fewer jobs for those with none.

The best employee will be one with a (4) ............ level of academic or professional achievement that can enable the individual to support their CV with evidence of desirable personal qualities.

As (5) ............ increases and technological advances make typical working practices redundant,
(6) ............ employees will need to show various personal attributes.

Advanced reading image for questions 4, 5 and 6

Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence, using the word given. Do not change the word given. You must use between three and six words, including the word given.

7) I'm disappointed with The Fisher's new album when I compare it to their previous one.
     I think The Fisher's new album is …………….................………………. their previous one.

8) The number of students now at university has reached an all-time high, apparently.
     The number of students now at university is …………….................………………. been, apparently.

9) My brother now earns far less than he did when he was younger.
     My brother …………….................………………. much now as he did when he was younger.

You are going to read a magazine article. Three paragraphs have been removed. Select from the paragraphs A - D the one which fits each gap.

Scottish Wildcat

On my living-room wall I have a painting of a wildcat by John Holmes of which I am extremely fond. It depicts a snarling, spitting animal, teeth bared and back arched: a taut coiled spring ready to unleash some unknown fury. (10) ............

However, the physical differences are tangible. The wildcat is a much larger animal, weighing in some cases up to seven kilos, the same as a typical male fox. The coat pattern is superficially similar to a domestic tabby cat but it is all stripes and no spots. The tail is thicker and blunter, with three to five black rings. The animal has an altogether heavier look.The Scottish wildcat was originally distinguished as a separate subspecies in 1912, but it is now generally recognised that there is little difference between the Scottish and other European populations. According to an excellent report on the wildcat printed in 1991, the animals originally occurred in a variety of habitats throughout Europe. (11) ............

It was during the nineteenth century, with the establishment of many estates used by landowners for hunting, that the wildcat became a nuisance and its rapid decline really began; 198 wildcats were killed in three years in the area of Glengarry, for example. However, things were later to improve for the species. (12) ............

The future is by no means secure, though, and recent evidence suggests that the wildcat is particularly vulnerable to local eradication, especially in the remoter parts of northern and western Scotland. This is a cause for real concern, given that the animals in these areas have less contact with domestic cats and are therefore purer.

A. The recruitment of men to the armed forces during the conflict in Europe from 1914 to 1918 meant there was very little persecution, since gamekeepers went off to fight. As the number of gamekeepers decreased, the wildcat began to increase its range, recolonising many of its former haunts. Extinction was narrowly averted.

B. They probably used deciduous and coniferous woodland for shelter, particularly in winter, and hunted over more open areas such as forest edge, open woodland, thickets and scrub, grassy areas and marsh. The wildcat was probably driven into more mountainous areas by a combination of deforestation and persecution.

C. As the animals emerge, their curiosity is aroused by every movement and rustle in the vegetation. Later they will accompany their mother on hunting trips, learning quickly, and soon become adept hunters themselves.

D. It is a typical image most folk have of the beast, but it is very much a false one, for the wildcat is little more than a bigger version of the domestic cat, and probably shows his anger as often.

Writing Evaluation

Write you answer in about 80 words

College Review

A college which you attended in the past has written to you asking to what extent its facilities met the needs of the students academically and socially.

Write a letter to the college answering these questions. Suggest areas where the college could improve facilities.

Write your review.

Listening Evaluation

Listen to a comedian Brain Conley, who does a considerable amount of work in panto, a type of family-friendly show which is popular at Christmas. Select the answer which fits best according to what you hear.

You will hear a radio programme about the life of the singer, Lena Horne. Complete the sentences.

Lena Horne

Speaking Evaluation

Discuss the topic 'How important is it to follow the rules in these areas of life?'.
Try talking for 2 to 3 mins with someone.

Advanced speaking image for question 20
Complete all four parts (20 questions) before submitting.
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